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10 Main Workplace Challenges of People in Organizations and how to overcome them…!

Why HR leaders should focus on people again

Ever wonder what it’s like to work in the trenches? While there are many great perks to working in a company, it can also mean dealing with Workplace challenges that could be difficult to overcome.

In an organization, the people element or employees face challenges. The key to overcome those challenges is to know what the problems are and how you can tackle them. People are the key to success of any organization. Engaged and motivated employees will boost productivity and bring positive results in the long run.

To have a successful business, every member in your organization must be happy with their job and this involves having clarity of work, if they do not have required skill sets provide trainings to perform work, clarity in reporting structure. Multiple reporting manager etc..

People (employees) are the most valuable asset in an organization. But challenges come up over and over again. Each individual has a different expectation from their job. Some may have higher expectations and some lower expectations .Some because of professional opportunities, some for financial benefits and some for passion or hobby. Whatever the reasons, there is always a possibility of challenge which employees needs to resolve. These need to be resolved positively for a smooth functioning of organization.

All employees in an organization face issues related to work and people. If the issues are not handled well and promptly, it can have a long-lasting impact on the productivity of individual employee, group of employees, division or the whole organization. The problems and challenges of employees may be due to external factors such as lack of motivation or training, or due to internal factors such as lack of clarity about work place or task, unclear expectations for execution of their tasks from the employer etc. 

Trepend: Workplace Challenges for People
Workplace Challenges for People

Top 10 challenges: In any organization faced by people are:

  1. No clarity of work:

Organizations hire people based on their skills and knowledge. But this does not mean that a person should have all the required skill set and clarity on the work. Today organizations expect people to put up result or a great performing dashboard in the very short span of time. Further there is lack of clarity provided on the roles and responsibilities and eventually leading to low morale or lack of motivation in performing given tasks.

  1. Not having the required skill sets and training for that particular role

According to research, around 30% of new hires fail within 18 months due to a lack of training and development opportunities. This is further compounded by the fact that organizations hire individuals without understanding their skill sets as well as trainings required for their position. When organizations fail to understand their needs and hire individuals accordingly, it results in low employee engagement levels and poor job performance from them as well.

  1. People fear that their work will be criticized, so they don’t take initiatives.

As a manager you need to be very clear about what is required from you, what do you expect from your team members and what will happen in case of failure? Make sure that your team members understand that there will be no criticism if they fail but only learning experience is required out of it. This way they will feel free to take new responsibilities and will not hesitate in taking decisions.

  1. Not having a clear reporting structure

In every organization, employees should know who they report to. This helps in smooth functioning. It is better that if there are two people reporting to same person, then it should be clarified who reports directly and who reports via any other manager so that there is no confusion

  1. Lack of motivation and reward for performance

Motivation plays an important role in employee performance. An employee will not be able to perform well if he/she is not motivated enough to do the assigned work at workplace. So it is the responsibility of the Top Management to design different reward recognizing schemes to keep the employees charged and motivated.

  1. A Communication Gap:  There is a communication gap between managers and employees. This is because of the huge level of hierarchy and lack of proper communication channels in the company, which leads to miscommunication between employees and their managers and other team members.
  1. Not able to cope up with pressure of work: Employees today feel that they are unable to cope up with pressure of current work. It is important for the organization to give training or change their job profile if possible so that it is not burdensome for them to perform the work assigned.
  1. Non-existence of appraisal and feedback mechanism:

The task of performance management is not limited to planning and organizing it, but also putting into place an institutional system that will help you carry out the entire exercise.

Employee performance appraisal is an ongoing activity which is necessary to ensure that employee’s performance are in alignment with the goals of the organization. The organization using the performance appraisal system should review the system periodically to make sure it continues to meet their needs.

  1. Unclear career path which makes it difficult to plan their future in the organization:

In order for management to maximize their employee potential, they must be able to clearly explain to the employees exactly what it is that their role and their responsibilities are, as well as what is expected of them. This is facilitated with good communication on both sides. It is also crucial to create career paths within organizations so that employees can gain promotions as much as possible, allowing them to realize their full potential. However, fostering growth and development doesn’t always occur naturally, it must be created.

  1. Lack of communication and transparency at all levels in the organization

Communication is one of the main reasons people leave organizations. It’s important to work on a solution to this problem such as having regular meetings with high level in your organization, managers and staff should communicate clearly and well with each other on a regular basis. Transparency has been used by many companies to reduce communication problems within an organization and make it easier to eliminate negative behavior that might occur before it starts. Create an environment where everyone feels safe to speak his/her mind.

Conclusion: How to overcome Workplace People Challenges

In today’s world, organizations are feeling the impact of an increasingly challenging business environment. Competition is tough, customers demand more, technology is both a friend and a foe, resources are limited, and there is a constant need to innovate.

Trying to overcome these and other issues can be hard enough; doing so while still supporting employees in their efforts to achieve and contribute to the organization’s goals can wrack up even more stress.

The key to overcoming this challenge is creating a culture that empowers employees to do their best work. Employees who have clear expectations and responsibilities, who understand how their work contributes to the organization’s mission and vision and who feel like valued members of the team are much more likely to succeed than those who don’t.

Treating employees like family members is the first step towards motivating them. Every organization has a unique culture and a work environment that is different from its competitors. This is what makes every organization is unique. It is important for the employee to get involved with the organization’s culture and its traditions.

The employee should feel comfortable in approaching senior management members with their personal problems which help in building trust between the employee and his managers. Building trust helps in developing an employee’s loyalty towards his organization which can lead to positive results in terms of employee satisfaction and productivity.*

Transparency is another important aspect of an organization’s culture. Employees should know what they are supposed to be doing and how they are supposed to be performing their duties indicating that they should be aware of their fellow colleagues’ responsibilities as well as their own.*

Clarifying each employee’s role within the organization can help improve performance within the organization. It can also help lower turnover rates because

By implementing right processes, system and technology to address these challenges an organization can easily overcome the same.

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