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4 great ways to simplify Organisations through great Business Process Design

Simplification of Business process design is the key for the Organisation to Succeed

We are noticing to see ‘Simplifying of Organisations through great business process design is being an burning desire of businesses. Simplifying of Businesses is being a key thought for the Business owners/Entrepreneurs. Further challenges have also been imposed by the new entrants in the market. Bringing in different business models, Product offerings and cost structures. Further with the growing demand/trend across online and offline channels. And an increasing personalization of services. But in all cases, it is a need to deploy techniques, such as lean, delayering or tactical changes to IT systems.


With Process aligned; work is fun!

Managing Complexity

Managing complexity can be how businesses create value for their customers.  But some complexity is value destroying for organisations, mainly caused by a legacy of outmoded ways of working and unstructured changes.

Complexity is a product of the different approach and the links between them. The more the approach and linkages , the more complex the organisation will behave. The constant change is now the trend; and also one of the other factor that drives complexity. But time and again we see new entrants find a simpler way to attract, engage and service customers. Complexity can suddenly be exposed as a huge structural cost and barrier to change.

The best of the management experts and enterprise mentors across the globe have established in their learned conscious that – any business, no matter how gigantic or not it is, tend to observe a multitude of problems creeping, with time, into their execution model. These issues appear to be very insignificant in the first event of their occurrence, and hence the respective business heads or process owners consider them as harmless passing storms till they come down heavily and impact the business outcomes on a large scale. In the absence of the periodic review apparatuses, these problems settle into the stream of business and continue to bother the functions and outcomes of the business.

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Complexity Kills Creativity

Approaches for Business Processes Design : Simplifying Business

So what are the best approaches when considering simplifying business processes:

  • Lean: Work on clutters 

    Get your processes lean, slim down… Consider delayering of management structures. As more the layers more the complexity and delay in getting the work done. We need to constantly change on how work gets done on a day-to-day basis. What are great ideas from the perspective of our own team for business performance. If you don’t weed your garden regularly, it becomes overgrown. And even healthy buds need pruning to nurture and promote the best.

Business Process Design: Get Lean

Business Process Design: Get Lean


Redesign Business Framework  

  • Business Process/Framework needs to be up to date or live to the prevailing business scenarios. Organisations needs to work as a whole and how teams and departmental units work together to create value for customers. They has always seen a leakage in the way Marketing team works which are not fully acquainted of the operational impact. Few organisations whose utmost focus is on business framework are considering options in modulating their products and service delivery. So they can offer choices, alongside reducing operational complexity. We have been working with organisations in aligning/Re-engineering their business framework. Have designed a integrated process approach and removed/redesigned a set of matrix relationships they’d previously designed into their operating model.

From Complex to Simple From Complex to Simple

Keep the Teams/Employees ready for coming Tomorrow

  • With the focus on ‘Work on Clutters’ and ‘Business framework’ organisation began to see the effects of having simplified processes. But we need to prepare for the new tomorrow considering ‘the rate at which trends keep changing’. In practice this means exploring stretching business scenarios, trying to find your weaknesses, identifying any hidden complexity and deciding what to do about it.

When we talk to clients about simplicity, they quickly relate to the problems of unnecessary complexity and to the intuitive promise of simplification

When Business is Simplified, work is well organized When Business is Simplified, work is well organized

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