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5 Important Human Resource/HR professional strategy's that works inline with Today's Business needs

How HR works towards Transforming People

Some business owners may question the need or importance of having an Human Resource Strategic professional/Human Resources department, especially when they are on a tight budget. After all, HR is a department that doesn’t produce any revenue in the organisation. This leads to some people viewing them as nothing short of individuals that try to prevent them from accomplishing what they want with their business.

However, this line of thinking is definitely incorrect. Today’s HR professionals have the skills and training necessary to help an organization achieve balance between staff, management and strategy by Transforming People

HR Strategies in Transforming People

Human Resource Strategies in Transforming People

HR saves you Money

Even though HR doesn’t directly generate revenue in the way that a sales department does, it can help you solve certain issues within your organization before they become costly problems. It can help you avoid various types of monetary losses, which can in turn help your business achieve success. 

They are responsible for staying current on changes to labour laws and regulations. They will also see how these changes will impact a business and can provide information or training to management and staff.

An HR professional ensures that every company procedure and policy complies with applicable laws and will help owners or management implement the changes needed to stay compliant. Ignoring changes to labour laws can be costly to any organization. For example, a company that violates OSHA standards can receive fines, not to mention face litigation from employees. we can assist you

HR Manages and Reduces Employee Turnover

Reducing your operating costs can be achieved by lowering your employee turnover. This is due to the fact that turnover costs can come from various sources, such as losses in productivity, costs of recruiting new employees and training them for their job functions, as well as facing potential down time when an employee leaves the company. Any business owner should be aware that these costs will add up very rapidly. 

An Human Resource professional can help mitigate them by putting together strategies that will help keep turnover rates low, as well as developing a good recruitment program.

HR plays a key role in Employee retention

HR plays a key role in Employee retention

Onboarding Process of Human Resource Department

Experienced HR professionals know how to select new employees that will adapt to your business environment with ease, thus costing you little to train them. They also be able to see if the needs of your organization are changing and provide training for your employees so that they can continue to have the necessary skills and work efficiently.

When you have a good on-boarding process, this makes it more likely that a newly hired employee will stay with your organization longer and help it grow. While the actual turnover costs will vary from one employer to the next, a study by the Center for American Progress in November 2012 shows that turnover costs could be over 20% of the annual salary for an employee.

HR as an Business Partner - HR

All of this goes to show that HR professionals can be valuable strategic partners for your business, rather than roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your objectives. They can remove the burden of keeping up to date with changing labour laws off your shoulders and work together with other elements in your organization to help your business achieve success

A strategic business partner plays a key role about the future, mission, goals, and overall strategy of a organization. A strategic business partner, has a voice in their HR conversations. The HR business partner is generally considered to be a strategic business partner that can offer recommendations, make decisions, and carry out goals.

To be valued as a strategic business partner and merit an invitation to conversations about the organization’s future, a human resources professional must have a certain set of skills and knowledge. This professional must understand all areas and departments of the business, and how HR can benefit these aspects. The individual is skilled in listening to problems and ideas, and in clearly articulating solutions.

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