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With our Outsourcing Nodal Entity Model, Ease out your Manufacturing Process...

Outsourcing Nodal Entity Model is a new way to define your manufacturing process, to bring about cost effectiveness.

TrepenD with Management Outsourcing Model is an enterprise level project to extend our legacy modelling and management consulting projects into Manufacturing Aggregation; Outsourcing Nodal Entity Model. For many companies in the Manufacturing sector, outsourcing Nodal Entity Model has become a necessity to facilitate optimum process and improve efficiency.

Our Outsourcing Nodal entity is actively involved in Manufacturing aggregation through this model, we actively get involved with our 55+ of its panel vendors who have expertise in Machining, Fabrication, Surface treatment, Raw material sourcing-Castings and Forgings.

We are providing a full range of best-in-category services to our clients for their manufacturing needs based on their various parameters. Our expertise includes everything from project planning and implementation to machine design and production planning and scheduling to deliver quality results with fast turnaround.

Trepend: Outsourcing Manufacturing Aggregators

Benefits of Outsourcing Manufacturing Aggregators

We are experts in identifying and developing manufacturing capabilities that promise to grow into long-term relationships. The focus of our organization is on offering a “hands-on” solution for all your outsourcing needs for the prestigious clients, who are looking for quality performance and cost-effective business model.

We focus to achieve Cost effectiveness in our sourcing through:

Collaborate effectively and share their resources to give the maximum value to our customers:

Outsourcing is a way to improve your business by sharing your resources while still doing what you do best. We work with our customers to ensure that they get the maximum value from their outsourcing relationship.

Our Nodal Entity Model helps you manage your manufacturing process better and more efficiently. The NODAL model helps you track the activities of all employees, from procurement to production, so that you can manage the entire process as a single entity.

The NODAL model also gives you a view into how much value is being added by each employee in each stage of the manufacturing process, so that you can decide which stages of production need more attention from your workforce.

Providing Technical know-how for the Project / Job we execute for our customer.

Our Nodal entities are experts in their field, they have been involved in manufacturing projects for a long time and have a lot of experience in the areas. We have our own team of highly skilled employees who are always available to assist our customers. We provide complete turnkey solutions for all types of manufacturing projects such as: Machining / Fabrication (CNC Machining, Turning, Milling etc) Surface treatment (Anodizing, Coloring etc) Raw material sourcing – Castings and Forgings.

Outsourcing package manufacturing through panel vendors – aggregation & hyper-localization.

Our Outsourcing Nodal Entity Model will help you to streamline your entire supply chain management process by connecting all entities involved in the production of your products – from panel vendors (Machining, Fabrication, Surface treatment, Raw material sourcing-Castings and Forgings.) – aggregation & hyper-localization.

Good network for sourcing raw materials.

We have a complete system for managing the entire manufacturing process from the design to execution of the project / job including sourcing of your raw materials. Our team will help you in creating a robust and efficient production system that ensures on time delivery of your product to your customer.

Offers good tooling solutions including purchasing.

Helps organisations to focus on more burning issues by minimizing Energy and time spent on Outsourcing and Purchase.

The manufacturing process has many parts, each with its own importance – from raw materials to finished goods. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, you need an efficient and comprehensive supply chain management system.

• TrepenD Outsourcing Model helps you in development of new products with best prices in the market

How TrepenD Outsourcing Nodal Entity operates with our customers!

TrepenD: Outsourcing Manufacturing Aggregator Model
Outsourcing Nodal Entity Model