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3 P's(People, Process, Profit) imperial importance to any Organization/Business

| People (Man Resource) | Process (System and Processes) | Profits (Growth, Expansion)

Any organization be it big or small deals with 3 most important aspects in any business i.e. People, Process and Profits.

To begin let’s start with ‘People’ and ‘Processes’….. And these two together are the key ingredients for any organization to function effectively and efficiently. And both of these eventually gets complicated over time… Primarily with processes getting diluted, disrupted by different people handling the post.. Leading to Process depended on the People rather than Process depended approach. Further with product diversification, Business expansion adds fuel to the ongoing business activities…

 People, Process, Profits -Trepend: 3 P's People, Process, Profits – 3Ps

Although at once; this wouldn’t be sounding so much of a trouble but actually this is the stage when problems starts creeping in to the business slowly moving it to the complexity… When business or say organizations starts depending on people alone on its day to day activities without having right processes approach leads to confusion, lack of ownership, transfer/escape of accountability or sometimes even the blame game as it was mere people dependable without following process/documentation.

Initially organization ignores and begins to tackle case on case, and this practice penetrates into each and every case leading to day to day firefighting/frustration to meet the deadlines, commitments, or project execution. Slowly organizations are drawn towards issues which looks to small but ultimately shakes up the entire its eco-system. Organization structures becomes too complicated weakening its foundation. Employee morale gets hit leading to attrition and other execution issues. We can pen down number of issues that boils down and effecting outlook of an organization.

Trepend: Complicated Organization Structures

Complicated Organization Structures

This is how a business/organization which eventually started to solve general customer needs or providing solution to commoners needs enters into drawing focus/major time on their internal operational activities..

Aligning People and Process towards Organizational goals.

People and Process  are equally important to enable organization to be aligned with its vision.Where people drive the energy and focus to work on their goals. Making the best use of their potentials where as  Process enables them to understand where the organization is as on today, and how is it proceeding towards its goal what is working and what isn’t. People needs to evaluate what is working, what requires tweets, changes, and what needs to be re-looked upon.

The last P – Profit – is merely the outcome of how mutually People has worked inline to process set. It is the outcome of the Business.. Thereby for sustainable growth ; Profit needs to be build by focusing on People and Process.

Now it’s the time to evaluate our internal structure; people, process, and see if they are setting you up for future success – or dooming you to eventual failure. This requires revisiting , taking a stock of internal workflow. Conducing frequent process know how audits about (internal Audits):

In-depth  process audits of organization’s business operations and hazards, Perform and control the full audit cycle including risk management and control management over operations’ effectiveness, financial reliability and compliance. Identify loopholes in the process and recommend risk aversion measures and cost savings.

Trepend Simplifying Business

Trepend Simplifying Business is an Business Management Consulting firm assists Business Owners/Entrepreneurs in their business excellence by providing Business consulting, HR consulting, Start- up business consulting.Our business excellence initiatives includes cost reduction, continuous improvements, Operations Maturity by evaluating the strength of its organization (SWOT) by conduction process know-how Audit, Business consulting by identifying, planning and implementing operational performance improvement initiatives.


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